BUDS at the Berlin Russian House of Science and Culture

by | 3.12.2018 | BUDS News

The seminar “Digital media: new trends and realities” has been organized in the Berlin Russian House of Science and Culture. Opening the event organized with active participation of the Moscow University of People’s Friendship (RUDN), the Deputy Director of the Russian House Aleksander Avramenko stressed the need of new approaches toward the development of the digital media based of better verification of information and the elevation of the quality of the information flow.

Dr. Mike Friedrichsen, the founding President of the Berlin University of Digital Sciences and Full Professor for Media Innovation and Media Economics at Stuttgart Media University, reported on the changes in media systems and the fundamental challenges posed by digital transformation. He also emphasized the definition of the new gatekeepers and the attention to the new flow of information. The user behavior of recipients is changing rapidly in connection with technological innovations and media companies have to develop new business models accordingly.

Dr. Aleksey Turbin, the moderator of the seminar and the founder of the Moscow-based RADIOFRONT publishing house, presented to the audience the new edition of the Russian version of the «ptj-Вестник трубопроводных технологий» magazine created together with the Hanover EITEP Institute and dealing with Russian and European cutting-edge technologies of pipeline monitoring and maintenance. He stressed that the importance of this technological magazine as a positive media cooperation example of the two countries in the framework of a digital edition project designed for special target audiences.

Dr. Irina Volkova, Professor of the RUDN University, took part in the vivid discussions during the seminar highlighting the need of better education of future journalists.

Wulf Wersig, chancellor and CEO of the Berlin University of Digital Sciences, reported about the practice-oriented programs of the University which will be realized in cooperation with leading education institutions of various countries, e.o. of the Russian Federation.

The participants of the “Digital media: new trends and realities” seminar discussed the development prospects of both traditional and digital media in the aspect of prevention of possible manipulation and the impact of the technological progress on the information perception by various recipients.

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