NExT Network Guests at the BUDS

by | 3.12.2018 | BUDS News

On the initiative of Flotillenadmiral Roland Obersteg, the NeXT network was a guest at the BUDS.

As part of an evening programme, Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen welcomed guests from various federal ministries, institutions and agencies to the Senate Hall of the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Mrs. RegDir Dr. Boeck presented the ADIC project in an interesting lecture, she is also the head of the construction team. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen and Minister Horst Seehofer announced the founding of the Agency for Innovation in Cyber Security (ADIC) in August. The focus of the new agency is on the development of jump innovations and the guarantee of internal and external security.

The necessity of the new agency lies in the fact that Germany is confronted with an asymmetrical danger situation in the digital space and cannot be competitive in international comparison in the areas of cyber security and innovation technologies. Concrete fields of action and options for action were discussed in an intensive debate.

Basically, all participants agreed that there are various points of contact between the institutions and the BUDS in cyber security and that it must be a central topic in the coming years.

Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen then presented the Berlin University of Digital Sciences. His remarks were supplemented by Florian Frank, BUDS responsible for digital projects. He presented the basis of the “platform idea” of the university.

In the subsequent networking, wine and snacks were still being networked for a long time. It was certainly not the last joint event of NeXT and the BUDS.

Mike Friedrichsen, Präsident der Berlin University of Digital Sciences, spricht auf der Konferenz per Videolink

To add a few lines about NExT: It is an interdependent network of pioneers and active designers of digitalization in the public sector with the aim of significantly shaping and advancing the digital transformation of public administration.

The goal of NExT is to develop a holistic, proven toolbox for digitizing public administration. Within the framework of six thematic workshops, concrete measures will be piloted and tested for feasibility. This is done with the aim of carrying out similar projects in other authorities (

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