International Office at BUDS

by | 5.05.2019 | BUDS News

The Berlin University of Digital Sciences has opened the International Office. Dr. Yihong Hu is the director of the institute.

The International Office is the central point of contact for all international issues and provides advice and support for administration and institutes. In addition, it is intended to support the recruitment of students and to provide support in the APS process in China, among other things.

Further tasks are the announcement of the BUDS abroad as well as the supervision of foreign students and guest lecturers in Germany, the placement and supervision of student exchanges with foreign universities or internships abroad, the placement and supervision of cooperation between BUDS specialist institutes and foreign institutions as well as support in applying for third-party funding.

BUDS Chancellor Wulf Wersig was delighted to introduce Dr. Yihong Hu, an experienced and competent Managing Director.

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