Book ,,Digital Value Migration in Media, ICT and Cultural Industries“

by | 16.05.2019 | Publications

Together with Zvezdan Vukanovic and Milivoje Pavlovic, our BUDS president Mike Friedrichsen, published his new book „Digital Value Migration in Media, ICT and Cultural Industries“.

This book offers some interesting insights about the rapid and exponential change processes in the digital media industry, including new technologies, multi-platform distributions and advertising models.

Todays’ societies are facing a period of dynamic change. Whilst 30 years ago one would find substantially more stability in the social environment todaythere’s a huge demand for being highly flexible, almost fluid. Thus people are challenged in moving from traditional to liberal and from local to global, as well as varying from highly developed to emerging market economies.

Mike Friedrichsen wrote a chapter towards the “Change of society by globalization: The intercultural and sociocultural impact of globalization on individual sectors“ and the main focus lies on the impact oft the global media industry, new technologies and social networks on individual sectors in terms of intercultural and socialcultural tensions. Furthermore, this chapter will study the impact of global media groups on culture groups.

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