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Hans-Wilhelm Dünn

Hans-Wilhelm Dünn

Managing Director

Welcome to the Competence Center for Cyber Security!

Here we focus on the security part of technology.

With endless possibilities and a growing penetration of technology in our society the demand for security is also growing. Since more and more autonomously operating technology increasingly plays an even bigger role in essential processes of our lives.

Cyber Security is a cross-sectional science supporting several parts of information technology like Cloud Computing, Identity Management, Digital Media, Communications, Digital Patient, Virtual Reality etc.

Digital Security Techniques: Besides encryption, SIEM etc. a particular focus of the institute is security testing with the 5 methods Risk Analysis, Security by Design/Threat Modeling, Static Source Code Analysis, Penetration Testing and Dynamic Analysis – Fuzzing with the objective of identifying (especially unknown) security vulnerabilities (Zero-Day-Vulnerabilities) and thus to determine the current security level of a system.

The penetration testing training includes fully automatic scanning for security vulnerabilities as well as manual attacks. Monitoring and analysis of the world-wide attack landscape. In addition, the institute transports knowledge into your company through training, educates employees in all aspects of IT security, ensures information security, and also coaches employees in day-to-day operations.

In addition to the listed special areas, the institute also offers workshops and courses e.g. on the following security topics: management of information security, firewall security, identification of hidden functions (covert channels), computer forensics.

Security methods include measures, features, selection of products and evaluation: firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection & protection, anti-viruses, etc.

Don’t judge upon what we say.

Judge upon what we do.

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