Institute for
Data Analytics & A.I. Management

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Dr. Juan Barnabé-Moreno

Dr. Juan Barnabé-Moreno

Academic Director of the Institute

Frank Pörschmann

Frank Pörschmann

Managing Director

Timm Peters

Timm Peters

dept. Managing Director

Welcome to the Institute for Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Management!

Here we focus both on the technological and the human aspects in particular of our digital era.

We are following a Philosophy of bringing Humans and Technology in Consonance.

In particular, this institute should explore the possibilities of data analytics and AI in education. In addition, consultations for the use of data analytcs and AI in companies are offered. Methods of data analytics and AI enable the realization of advanced cognitive skills within computer systems.

Proactive planning, reasoning, autonomous learning, and understanding natural language are just some of such skills that characterize Intelligent Systems. These systems are particularly flexible, adaptive, and robust, accomplish complex tasks, and are being deployed in many areas.

Fields of application of today’s techniques include autonomous systems, process control, learning systems, Internet services, assistance and decision-support systems, and modern computer games. Research at the institute focuses on data anlaytics and AI approaches that can be made transparent (e.g., precisely specified decision algorithms, not genetic algorithms), so that humans can understand why new systems behave as they do.

For safety purposes, a mathematical equation defining general intelligence is more desirable than an impressive but poorly-understood code kludge.

Don’t judge upon what we say.

Judge upon what we do.