Master Program "Risk, Crisis and Conflict Communication" (M.A.)
Master Communication.


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Master Program “Risk, Crisis and Conflict Communication” (M.A.)


  • Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Duration: 2 years (4 semesters, full-time)
  • Language: English
  • ECTS: 120 CP
  • Specializations (2): Corporate Communications, Journalism
(a) Qualification
The successful completion of the Master’s Degree in Risk and Crisis and Conflict Communication qualifies graduates for leading positions in the areas of journalism, corporate communications, and public relations in media companies as well as in the communication departments of companies from other industries, both in Germany and abroad.
(b) Subject

The interdisciplinary Master’s Degree Program builds upon existing basic knowledge in media and communication sciences and provides both a scientific and an application-oriented specialization in the fields of corporate communication and journalism. To this purpose, the program provides theoretical, methodical and practical knowledge.

(c) Objectives

One objective of the Master’s Degree Program is to provide students with competences for communication in risk and crisis situations. This is done using theoretical models, case studies and practical tasks and exercises.

A further objective is to improve students’ orientation skills in an increasingly complex political, economic, sociological, technological and legal environment of media communication. In addition, students should reflect and take account of different approaches to ethical and social responsibility and sustainability both from the companies and from journalistic reporting.

1st Semester

Journalism and Public Relations (5 CP)

Areas of Conflict I: Politics (5 CP)

Big Data (5 CP)

Areas of Conflict II: Religion and Society (5 CP)

Communication and Media Science (5 CP)

2nd Semester

Areas of Conflict III: Economy (5 CP)

Media Law (5 CP)

Globalization and Intercultural Communication (5 CP)

Areas of Conflict IV: Ecology (5 CP)

Areas of Conflict V: Health (5 CP)

Risk and Crisis Perception (5 CP)

3rd Semester
“Corporate Communications”

Stakeholder Management and CSR
(5 CP)

(5 CP)

Issues Management and Risk Communication (5 CP)

Journalism in war and conflict areas
(5 CP)

Internat. Corp. Communications and Governance (5 CP)

Crisis Reporting
(5 CP)

Project “Communication/
Corp. Communication” (10 CP)

Project “Communication/
Journalism” (10 CP)

Internship I – Corp. Communications
(5 CP)

Internship I – Journalism
(5 CP)

4th Semester

Internship II – Corp. Communications
(5 CP)

Internship II – Journalism
(5 CP)

Master Colloquium (5 CP)

Master Thesis (25 CP)

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