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Our Funding Strategy.


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The Berlin University of Digital Sciences will be funded from several sources.

Last but not least, an essential task will be to create an optimal mix of income.

Premium Partner

Especially in the implementation and establishment phase, grants from business partners are necessary in order to place the BUDS on a sustainable and functional basis.

Tuition fees

This is an important factor in revenue. The cost of studying at BUDS is in the upper third of comparable courses.


With this source of income, the connection to companies is also to be established and implemented sustainably. The certificates can be adapted to the requirements of the market at short notice and can also be integrated into the Master’s programmes (with additional academic examination) in the modular option.

Research Competence Centers

With specific scientific services such as research and development contracts from industry, the Research Competence Centers (seven Competence Centers are already in the process of being set up) should contribute to refinancing.

Research funding

Applying for research funding from various sources such as the German Research Foundation, the EU, foundations or ministries is another source of income for BUDS.

Licensing system

The development of modules, certificates and teaching materials associated with the brand should generate income after implementation of the platform and system infrastructure in long-term planning as offers with one-off or monthly licensing costs.


Last but not least – based on a successful start – donations are to be generated by companies, private individuals or organisations. This will include events, conferences and workshops as well as endowed professorships and grants for new academic education programmes.

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