The Structure of BUDS.


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Our Team for the Successful Launch.

The right People in the right Place….


The BUDS team consists of a mixture of renowned and young scientists as well as excellent partners from industry and practice.

The BUDS has structures that guarantee continuous further development and innovative orientation through a high level of competence in various committees and the Board of Trustees. The different boards advise and support the university in all financial matters, development issues and research structures and provide contacts in science, business and politics.

The boards consist of members of public life, from business, politics, media, culture and science, who actively support the goals and development of the university and contribute to its success.

The admission of members of the BUDS Boards is decided upon by the Academic Senate on the proposal of the Executive Board. There are separate rules of procedure for each board, which are laid down by the members of the boards in consultation with the university management.

The Organisational Chart.

Don’t judge upon what we say.

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